TBILISI, DFWatch–Trains stopped and all but one national TV station went off air in Georgia Sunday evening as much of the country was in the dark for several hours.

Late in the night, power was restored in Tbilisi and all other regions, according to the Energy Ministry.

The ministry press office said  the reason for the outage was damage to the 500 kV high voltage transit line Imereti, which is owned by Sakrusenergo and connects western and eastern Georgia.

The ministry issued a statement which said that Imereti, a 500 kV transmission line, and Kolkhida, a 220 kV transmission line, were disconnected at 22:33. The transmission line Paliastomi-1 was also damaged.

Technicians from Sakrusenergo and Georgian State Electosystems are currently in the field trying to repair the damage and determine the the reason for what happened.

The ministry promises to inform people about the reasons as soon as they find out. It said on Monday that Georgia is now importing electricity from two neighboring countries.