TBILISI, DFWatch–Residents of ‘Dream Town’ – a settlement of homeless families in Adjara – ask the region’s authorities to give them shelter.

The shantytown residents rallied against the government’s decision to give only 15 families shelter, while there are a few hundred families living in Dream Town.

Socially underprivileged, homeless people and eco-migrant families have settled in the area in Khelvachauri, which previously was used by the 53rd battalion.

In the end of 2012, residents built small shacks out of wood and cardboard. They don’t have electricity nor natural gas and also lack other necessities. They’ve been hoping for help from the new government after the parliamentary election, but until now only fifteen families have been promised shelter.

Protesters on Thursday said winter is coming closer and it is impossible to live in the settlement in frost. Some of them are ready to stay in those rooms if the government provides Dream Town with water and electricity.

They plan to organize rallies until the government does something to alleviate their difficult situation. The Autonomous Republic of Adjara has not yet responded to the protesters.