Far-right activists attacking a reporter for Formula TV. (IPN).

TBILISI, DFWatch–Dozens of people were injured in Tbilisi on Monday as far-right activists attacked the LGBTQ Pride parade.

There were incidents several places in the capital. The main targets of the attacks were journalists and cameramen for several opposition TV stations that are considered “propagandists for liberalism.”

Journalists from Mtavari Arkhi, Pirveli and Formula, as well as many other TV and online media were attacked. Pro-government and neutral publications were also targeted.

At the same time, activists for various aggressively anti-LGBTQ groups attacked the Tbilisi Pride office and removed flags from on the front of the building.

There was also an attack on the opposition youth movement “Shame”, one of the groups that support Tbilisi Pride.

Ultra-conservative groups have been mobilizing in various parts of Tbilisi to prevent the Tbilisi Pride parade from taking place.

Orthodox Christian clergy has been observed taking part in the mobilization and many suspect that the Orthodox Church is backing these protests.

Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili poured petrol on the fire by saying that the Pride parade was being organized by the opposition UNM and ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili himself.

“Revanchist, radical groups, in particular, the radical opposition led by Saakashvili, are still behind the organizers of today’s event. Of course, their goal is to bring civil unrest and chaos to the country, which we will not allow,” Gharibashvili said on Monday.

His words outraged the opposition, who accused the Prime Minister of inciting violence.

“The prime minister is a provocateur and a criminal. His statement was an encouragement to the barbaric actions that are taking place in the streets of Tbilisi today,” MP of UNM Roman Gotsiridze retorted.

Removing flags on the front of the building housing the Tbilisi Pride office. (IPN.)