Tamaz Elizbarashvili Dog Shelter (Facebook)

Tamaz Elizbarashvili Dog Shelter (Facebook)

Tbilisi, DFWatch – At least 13 dogs drowned in flood on Wednesday night  in Tbilisi at Tamaz Elizbarashvili’s dog shelter.

A heavy rain flooded river Vere and the water flushed the shelter’s ground floor.

Patrol police crew and several employees came at the shelter at night to help the pets, but some of the dogs had already been swept away.

Apart from that water flooded three cars of the shelter and dog houses.

Yet it is not known how much loss the flood caused to the shelter as right now cleaning work is underway in the shelter, which is located not far from Tbilisi center.

Whole territory is filled with sludge and tree branches or mud.

There are about 450 dogs in the shelter and several bears.