razor wire

Razor wire like this is being put up through villages on the de facto border. (Radio Liberty.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The Interior Ministry in Georgia Friday organized a trip for a few dozen foreign diplomats to villages close to the Russian-controlled breakaway region South Ossetia, where Russian border guards last week moved the border 300 meters into Georgian-controlled territory.

The border guards have erected razor wire fences which has left several houses on the other side of the de facto border. The diplomats spoke to Davit Vanishvili, whose house ended up on the other side, behind the wire fence.

The diplomats did not make comments for the media, but according to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, they said the situation is much worse than what they had been informed.

The diplomats visited the villages Khurvaleti, Gugutiant Kari and Ditsi.

Earlier on Friday, Kakhaber Kemoklidze from the MIA’s Department for Analysis said that the trip was organized in order for the diplomats to get introduced to the situation on the ground.