TBILISI, DFWatch–The family of Goga Dzvelaia, a 16-year old who died in a cell in Kutaisi prison a few days ago, has conducted an independent examination of the body.

It was conducted by Maya Nikolaishvili, who did an external examination of the body and took photos. She said there are no traces of physical violence, but underlines that this is a preliminary finding.

She said that she will await the official conclusion and then present her own results to see how her material is compatible with the official version.

Dzvellaia allegedly committed suicide by hanging, but his father claims he had no reason to do this since he was about to leave jail on bail.

The father claims that his son had problems with the other prisoners, the so-called watchers, other inmates who enjoy some privileges. The Prison Ministry also confirmed that Dzvelaia has requested to be placed in a separate cell due to his problems with the other prisoners.

The family has said it will not bury the body until Prison Minister Sozar Subari has visited them.