TBILISI, DFWatch–In the case about the doctors on hunger strike, a managing council will be set up to chair the emergency service until the problems are solved.

Health Minister Davit Sergeenko said it is being done to find a way out in the case of the four fired doctors who have been on hunger strike since March 6.

They claim their firing was illegal and demand that the management and director are replaced.

Despite the decision ro appoint a new council, the doctors still continue their strike.

There were two meetings on Monday to negotiate toward a solution.

Sergeenko explained Tuesday that the new council will remain at the emergency service until a court decides in each separate case and the council will be the one to execute the court’s decision instead of the director.

At the meeting was also discussed the issue of the current director of the emergency service. According to the minister, he wasn’t able to optimally manage the situation, but there will not be made a decision about whether to replace him or not until after each separate case of fired doctors have been decided in court.

The council will be created immediately and start its activity from tomorrow.

The doctors claim the current director ran the emergency service according to an incorrect policy. They told him about this, after which they received notices about being fired without explanation, even though their contracts did end until February of 2014.