Davit Sergeenko

Health Minister Davit Sergeenko. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–In Georgia a comprehensive healthcare program began from July 1. Socially vulnerable will get double allowances, and the number of state financed healthcare programs has been increased.

It has been a priority of the Georgian Dream coalition to increase financing for healthcare, and this policy and implementation of healthcare programs has become part of the new 2013 budget.

Financing for this field has increased almost twice compared to last year, based on reducing the so-called ‘other expenses’ in the budget. It has never been clear what the government was spending money on for ‘other expenses.’

The new government set a priority to provide the best possible access to healthcare.

The comprehensive healthcare program was launched from February 28, 2013, and concerns to every citizen who didn’t have insurance by that date. The program provided financing for family doctors, basic laboratory analysis and other services.

347 685 people have registered to participate in the program from February 28 until now. 41 713 patients have received emergency ambulance services, while 15 275 patients had their emergency hospitalization financed. About USD 4 million has been spent.

, said on Monday that the program became expanded from today and about 2 500 000 people will use services that it covers. Citizens have the opportunity to select which clinics they prefer within Georgia.

“Everyone who didn’t use services of private insurance projects can get services provided by new insurance project that we suggest,” he said, “for example they can get services from a family doctor.”

From July 1, the program will increase financing for urgent cases as well, financing of planned operations will also increase and will cover 70 percent of the cost of operations. It will also finance treatment for oncology patients and finance 80 percent of their expenses; pregnancy and child birth will be also financed by USD 300 in case of ordinary child birth and USD 500 for caesarean section.

Socially vulnerable population will get double allowance. This will be USD 36 for the first family member and about USD 30 for every other members. This includes 435 000 Georgian citizens.