The fire spread through the undergrowth and spared the park's unique trees. (IPN.)

TBILISI, DFWatch – A fire in Georgia has burned down more than one thousand hectares of land in the eastern Vashlovani National Park.

The environment minister said the reason for the fire, which started on Monday at about 17:00, was negligence. It has now been extinguished.

The park’s unique trees survived the fire, which spread through the bushes and grass, but a winter farm used by shepherds was burned. However, locals say it was derelict.

The environment minister, who arrived at the spot, said personnel from the interior ministry and defense ministry took part in extinguishing the fire, together with emergency service employees.

The total area of Vashlovani Park is 25 114 hectares. It was established in 2003. It is habitat for bear, lynx, otter, wild boar, hyena, wolf, falcon, colchis pheasant, and nightingale. You can move around by foot, by horse, boat and car on specially designated routes.