TBILISI, DFWatch — Production has been restored at Georgia’s famous mineral water plant Bojomi, after several day strike has finished.

There are two plants in Borjomi, which is located in the southern Georgia’s resort town with the same name.

Employees of the company joined a wave of workers protest all over Georgia and went on strike to protest against their humiliating salary and working conditions.

The plant’s owner IDS Borjomi Georgia tried to negotiate with employees at both plants, but managed reached agreement with only one of them and promised to increase salaries by 25 percent.

Workers of plant No 1 didn’t agree with the conditions and continued with their strike.

Friday, the company managed to negotiate with the rest of employees, local media report, but no details are known about conditions for ending the strike.

The strike at Borjomi started October 22, and workers’ demands were to increase salaries 100 percent and more, as salary for certain category of employees is not more that USD 2 a day, which is not enough to live. Even if salaries are increased 100 percent it will not be enough for basic survival.