TBILISI, DFWatch — The well known Georgian mineral water Borjomi is ready to be brought back on the Russian market.

November 19, Borjomi International Company officially appealed to the chair of Russia’s consumer protection agency CPS (Rospotrebnadzor) requesting to get back to the issue of reviewing Borjimi’s export to Russia, also to plan visit of Russian experts to Georgia, who will inspect plants in the country.

Negotiations with CPS have lasted for two years. In 2011 the issue was on the agenda, but Russia demanded to fulfill certain conditions in order to bring the mineral water back on the Russian market. The company says it fulfilled these conditions and sent the appropriate documents to CPS December 27, 2011.

But Rospotrebnadzor demanded additional information in January 2012, which according to a statement of Borjomi Company, was also fulfilled and sent February 17 of 2012.

After this, CPS officially accepted the statement of Georgian mineral water company to register.

CPS then stated that if the company applies for registration, it should invite Russian experts to their factory in order to let them do an inspection.

A few days ago, IDS Borjomi expressed readiness to invite and host Russian experts at its plant.

In 2006, Borjomi mineral water, as well as Georgian wine, was banned in the Russian market due to quality concerns, https://dfwatch.net/russia-considers-lifting-embargo-on-georgian-wine-74039, but both products may return to the Russian market soon.

There was an expectation that Russia would lift its embargo, as the country already became a member of the World Trade Organization, with Georgian approval; however none of the Georgian products have so far returned to the Russian market.

65 percent of Borjomi’s production was exported to Russia before the ban, according to the company. Now it is exported to more than 40 countries around the world.