TBILISI, DFWatch — The prison minister in Georgia says he will put together a monitoring group to let human rights activists and the media into facilities to check the conditions.

Apart from non-governmental organizations and the media, the monitoring group will also have members from religious groups.

Prison Minister Giorgi Tughushi said there will be selected 50 persons to sit in the new group, which will be allowed to enter any prison within 24 hours to observe the situation there.

“A specific list will be prepared, members of which will be able to enter prisons, move there freely, in accordance of internal rules and code on prisoners, on the grounds of a minister decree,” Tughushi said at a press conference held at the ministry.

“We will finish preparing the list in next few days.”

All who want to have the permission and make it onto the list may apply to the ministry.

The minister said he will put forth a proposal in parliament which will lay down the exact criteria and rules for how people can become members of the monitoring group, as it is not possible to open the prison doors for everyone.

The background for the move is a recent prisoner abuse scandal which raised demands to check the situation and improve the security and safety of prisoners.