TBILISI, DFWatch–Over a hundred people in Kobuleti, a town on the Black Sea coast, have surrounded the house of a 65 year old man who they claimed wanted to rape an 11 year old girl.

People gathered outside the house and attempted to break in. They demand that the family must move somewhere else. Police are protecting the house of the rape suspect.

Interpressnews reported Monday that the mother of the 11 year old girl contacted the police and was questioned. Neighbors told journalists that the man, who is the owner of a pharmacy in the neighborhood, used candy to lure the girl into his car. The man has been convicted of rape in the past.

Enraged neighbors threaten to kill him if they find him. Some even demand he be lynched.

The girl doesn’t have a father and is living with her mother. She is currently being monitored by psychologists.

The Interior Ministry is examining the case but has not yet opened an investigation.