A hippo that wandered around Heroes’ Square was finally led back to its cage. (Facebook.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–There are virtually no predators left in Tbilisi Zoo, a spokesperson for the zoo told DFWatch.

A large part of the animals were unable to escape their cages. Some of the animals that escaped have now been put down, particularly the larger predators, because the authorities were not able to tranquilize them, the zoo official said.

Exact figures are still not available, but according to the information available to the zoo’s public relations office, the animals that are either missing or killed include up to 20 wolves, 8 lions, an unidentified number of tigers.

Only three out of 17 penguins survived.

The animals that survived were confined in the upper part of the zoo, including an elephant, serpents, zebras, deers, wild horses, goats and most of ungulates. Most carnivores were confined in the lower part.

A hippo that was wandering around on Heroes’ Square for several hours was after much efforts put back into its confine.