Former Public Defender, and now Ivanishvili supporter, Sozar Subari believes there is a plot by the government to kill opposition businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili.

TBILISI, DFWatch – The government in Georgia does not take seriously allegations about the existence of a plan to kill President Saakashvili’s main competitor, Bidzina Ivanishvili.

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But one of the politicians in Ivanishvili’s coalition says that ‘the liquidation plan for Ivanishivli was coming from the government.’

Sozar Subari recently met the source of the allegations, journalist Vakhtang Komakhidze, in Switzerland.

Komakhidze, who in 2010 received political asylum in Switzerland, released a letter on Facebook. According to the letter, the life of Ivanishivli is in danger, and the threat is coming from the government.

Ivanishvili’s Georgian Dream coalition sent Subari and lawyer Archil Kbilashvili to Switzerland to talk with Komakhidze. However, Subari says the lawyer didn’t attend the meeting.

Subari said after the meeting that Komakhidze informed told him about a mediator who met him and introduced the liquidation plan.

Komakhidze knows both the mediator and the one who sent this person well, because several years ago Komakhidze was working in one of the departments under the Interior Ministry, before becoming a journalist.

Subari says the scheme and location of Ivanishvili’s liquidation wasn’t completely disclosed, because it may be dangerous for the source, or it’s also possible that the plan isn’t fully prepared. He adds that Komakhidze was informed from his source that they had planned to attack Ivanishvili while he was visiting a part of Georgia outside of the capital.

“According to the plan, two persons were prepared. While attacking Ivanishivli, if one would have been liquidated, than another should have stated that he also participated in the liquidation and should have taken the blame on himself. There should be one guilty, who would be presented in court. Possibly this person is suspected of some crime, or has mental problems. Working with these kinds of people and convincing them that they are fighting for an idea is very easy. But in reality, they are carrying out somebody’s orders. This plan comes directly from the government. The person who sent the mediator to Komakhidze is a government representative.”

Subari explains that if this mediator gave this information to any person in Georgia, the security of the source would be comprimised. This person would have been called in for interrogation and according to law.

Kbilashvili signed an agreement with Komakhidze to offer legal assistance in case he will need it later on.

“The main reason the main source spoke about this information is that this person directly received an order, a certain danger appeared. Specifically this person felt a danger that if participating in implementation of a terrorist act or murder, sooner or later he will have to appear in court. Vakhtang says, giving information from the person who sent the mediator is prevention of a crime, and not to participate in a crime,” Sozar Subari said.

DF Watch contacted Georgian law enforcement bodies to find out whether criminal law investigation will be launched or not and if they will study this case, but they don’t want to comment on this issue, and do not consider it serious.

A member of parliament for the ruling National Movement party holds a similar view.

“We are dealing with psycho-somatic problems, and in this case it is needed not to make political comments, but medical, a doctor with a rubber hammer, both in case of Subari and Komakhidze,” Nugzar Tsiklauri says, adding, ‘there is no threat to [Ivanishvili’s] life, but his political life is in real danger, due to their own actions.”