March 20, opposition politician Irakli Alasania sent a letter to Georgia’s National Security Council, detailing what he claims is a paramilitary force set up by President Saakashvili within the last few months, which could be used against opposition supporters. The government claims the groups are only volunteer reservists.

Later the Security Council published Alasania’s letter on its website. Here is a translation.


Document # 16-1/1

March 20, 2012

To Giga Bokeria, Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia

Batono Giga,

This letter is accompanied by the information about location and number of informal paramilitary groups set up in Western Georgia during the latest period.

By information received from the local population we know that these groups are deployed in cities and villages of Western Georgia. Some members of these groups were convicted of severe crimes in the past and are not registered in any official structures. These groups have been actively armed and financed. Their so called headquarters are deployed in populated areas and their presence sows fear among the local population.

Due to high public interest I ask you to study above mentioned facts and react.

We all remember well the tragic consequences of civil confrontation in Georgia in the past. The government and society then missed the chance to prevent formation of such kind of organizations in time. Setting up such groups in Georgia during election year, in already tense and polarized atmosphere immensely increases the possibility of civil strife/confrontation. Immediate reaction on these facts will be prevention so that these people wouldn’t be used against people who are critical towards government. There are lots of such examples in the last months.

I express readiness to meet you to objectively investigate above mentioned issue.


Attached 6 (pages)


Irakli Alasania

The Chairman,

Our Georgia – Free Democrats


I group

350-member group (Special unit)

Deployment – Zugdidi, private houses

Head – Koba Akhvlediani (Former head of Roland Akhalaia’s guard/security)

Commander – Pridon Shengelia

Deputy Commander – Tornike Malazonia

Deputy Commander – Avto Beltadze

100 Commanders

1) Kakha Apshilava

2) Elguja Gulordava

3) Gocha Gamsaxurdia

10 Commanders

1) Gela Meporia (Kidachi)

2) Davit Shengelia

3) Beso Shengelia

4) Murman Kursua

5) Malazonia Gocha

Salaries: Commanders 2000 laris + awards

Privates 700 laris +awards


II group

Deployment: village Inguri (house of Slavik Bigvava)

Commander: Koba Todua

Deputy Commander: Gatserelia Irakli


1) Slavik Bigvava

2) ‘Kabani’

3) Irakli Akhalaia

4) Bakur Buliskiria

5) Mikaia Koba

6) Temur Kobalia


III group (Bacho Akhalaia)

Reserve groups:


National Guard Commander Mamuka Iosava

Commander of the western route: Zaza Janjalia

Commander of Senaki’s second Brigade: Zviad Gagua

Commander of the National Guard Brigade: Davit Popkhadze

Special Forces Commander: Koba Akhvlediani

Deputy Governor of Samegrelo Zemo Svaneti: Davit Darsmelidze (former head of Constitutional Security Department)

Tengiz Gunava

Levan Kiria

Ruslan Shamakhia


IV group

25-member group of village Grigolishi

Commander: Bejan Gvazava


V group

25-member group of village Akhalsopeli

Commander: Patsatsia


VI group

25-member group of village Jikhaskari

Commander: Vakhtang Zarandia


VII group

Head: Shamatava Roma

Commander: Ubilava Sergo

Head of Subdivision: Apsnadze Vokha, formerly from Saturn (?) სატურნელი?

1) Andriadze Zaza – formerly from Saturn

2) Ubilava Zaza – formerly from Saturn

3) Gorozia Zuri – formerly from Saturn

4) Pazhava Zaza – (former intelligence employee)

VIII group so-called special purpose unit

Control: Roma Shamatava (head of Abkhazian Constitutional Security Department)

1) Tengiz Papava

2) Jemal Apshilava

3) Belkania


IX group so-called special unit of Chuberi

Control: Roma Shamatava

Commander: Nugzar Pangani

Deputy Commander: Gocha Jomidava

Deployment: village Nakalmakhevi

75 member group

5 persons (officially included)

70 persons (verbal agreement, receive salary of 400 laris on hand)


X group

Deployment: Zugdidi (Griboedovi 41. Gamsakhurdia 156)

Control: Roma Shamatava

Commander: Davit Korkia

40 member group (verbal agreement, receive salary f 400 laris on hand)


XI group so called group of Churchkhobani

Commander: Ubilava Sergo

8-member group

3 persons (officially)

5 persons (verbal agreement)

XII group

100 member special unit (Vano Merabishvili’s control)

Commander: Koba Pachulia (Company is staffed of fired policemen)