TBILISI, DFWatch – There will be a second round of the de facto elections for parliament in the Georgian breakaway region Abkhazia, because representatives were elected from only 13 electoral districts out of a total of 35.

Abkhazia is a part of Georgia currently occupied by Russia. The Abkhazian news agency Apsnypress reports that a second round will be held in two weeks in 22 electoral districts.

“There weren’t observed any violations that could affect the people’s free will,” a spokesperson for the de facto Central Election Commission says.

The Tbilisi-based government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia doesn’t recognize the de facto parliament elections as legitimate.

“Occupied Abkhazia is not a subject under international law. Therefore, elections held there can’t be regarded in the light of international law,” the statement says.

The first round was held on Saturday. The de facto parliament is elected for a five year term. Out of the 148 candidates who were competing for 35 seats, 16 were women and 21 sitting MPs.

46 international observers from nine countries were present, Apsnypress reports.

“The de facto parliamentary elections are under way in an occupied region of Georgia, from where the absolute majority of the population is displaced; hence, these so-called elections do not have a legal framework. It is an absolute fiction. The region is actually ruled by Russia,” says Levan Tevzaia, a representative of The Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.

44.50% of eligible voters took part. The second round is to be held on March 24.