TBILISI, DFWatch — Georgian sailors who have been stranded on an abandoned ship in Panama are still suffering from hunger and unable to leave.

The crew of Maria Del Carmen, which is flying a Nigerian flag, released a letter on Monday which says that they still are in a terrible situation.

The ship’s main generators are damaged, so there is no electricity, which has left the men without freezers and with spoiled food, no air conditioning, with the temperature sometimes rising to more than 40 Celsius.

Due to the lack of tools, they have not been able to fix the generators. The sailors ran out of food two days ago, which has left them all hungry at this stage.

Some haven’t received salaries for a few months.

According to the crew members’ letter, they have informed the ship’s owner, the Panama Port administration and Batumi Agency about their situation.

The letter is signed by the captain and crew members. They ask to pass information about their plight on the Georgian President, Prime Minister and government.

The ship now lies five kilometers from the port. The owner of the ship abandoned it and suspended all contact. The sailors fear that the ship may sink if the proper steps are not taken soon.

It is now more than a month since the sailors asked for help.