TBILISI, DFWatch – 92.77% of the voters in South Ossetia voted for Vladimir Putin as president of Russia. In the other breakaway republic Abkhazia, 90.94% of voters supported Putin in the presidential elections.

15,839 voters participated in the election in South Ossetia, Ria Novosti reports. In Abkhazia, 74 135 took part.

Vladimir Putin met with journalists as it seemed he had won the election with more than 63% of the votes. He said Russia is not going to change its policy towards Georgia’s breakaway regions.

“Excluded. We cannot go back!” he said.

Today the Georgian Foreign Ministry responded to the Russian elections saying that Georgia has no illusion that anything will change about Russian foreign policy.

“The results of the Russian president elections are not unexpected to anyone, including the international community,” the ministry says.

“We have no illusion that in case of becoming president Putin will start a new wave of the democratization.”