Davit Narmania from Georgian Dream can be reasonably confident he will become Tbilisi mayor. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–48 percent of Georgians would vote for the Georgian Dream coalition if there were local elections tomorrow, a new polls shows.

This the second part of a wider survey published by National Democratic Institute (NDI) on Thursday, contains the party political ratings.

It shows that 12 percent would vote for former ruling party National Movement, four percent would vote for Coalition of Christian Democrats and Democratic Movement, and two percent would vote for other parties.

19 percent answered they don’t know, 8 percent refused to answer, and 3 percent said they won’t vote for any of the candidates.

42 percent of them said the Georgian Dream coalition is the alternative closest to themselves, 12 percent said UNM is closer, four percent named the new coalition of parties not represented in parliament, and four percent named the Labor Party.

25 percent said no party is closer, four percent refused to answer, while 7 percent answered that they don’t know.

15 percent think that the upcoming local election will be totally well conducted, 57 percent said it will be somewhat well conducted; 10 percent said it will be somewhat falsified and 2 percent said totally falsified. The rest answered that they don’t know.

If there were local elections tomorrow, 60 percent would likely vote, the rest likely wouldn’t vote.

39 percent would vote for Georgian Dream’s Davit Narmania as mayor of Tbilisi, while 10 percent would vote for UNM’s Nika Melia, 9 percent for non-parliamentary opposition’s Dimitri Lortkipanidze, and 2 percent would vote for the Labor Party candidate, actress Asmat Tkabladze.

20 percent answered that they don’t know, 13 percent has no candidate to vote for, while four percent refused to answer.

The local elections will be held on June 15.

3 942 people were questioned for the survey in the period from March 26 to April 18, 2014.