TBILISI, DFWatch–20 sheep were killed when a police car plowed into their flock near Dedoplistskaro in eastern Georgia a few days ago.

Information Center of Kakheti reported that the incident happened on Sunday on the central highway in the village Gamarjveba, as the shepherd was leading the sheep from Shiraki to Tusheti. The police car was driving in high speed along the road.

ICK writes that the police fined the shepherd 100 laris for administrative offense. The owner of the sheep will not be compensated for the dead sheep, because the shepherd is accused of violating article 127 of the Criminal Code about traffic violations by a pedestrian.

The policeman who was driving the car was checked for alcohol levels, and found not to be under the influence. ICK also wrote that the patrol car didn’t have the emergency lights on, even though it was driving in high speed.