20 Nato logoThe twenty organizations behind the new coalition say their goal is ‘to build a free and independent state, with effective democratic institutions, based on full respect for human rights and freedoms.’

Presenting the initiative at a press conference in Tbilisi on Monday, and in a statement published on the web site of Transparency International Georgia (TIG), the groups say they will cooperate closely with each other to support the full integration of Georgia into Euro-Atlantic structures.

They also agree on the importance of civil society’s active role in the consolidation of the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration process.

Besides TIG, some of the groups that have signed on to the initiative are: Georgian Young Lawyer’s Association (GYLA), Open Society Georgia Foundation, Green Alternative and the Atlantic Council of Georgia.

They support Georgia’s integration into NATO and the EU because they believe that these international organizations offer not only security, but also guarantee economic development and prosperity.

The full list of organizations:

1.  Transparency International Georgia

2.  Civil Development Agency

3.  International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

4.  Georgian Young Lawyer’s Association

5.  Open Society Georgia Foundation

6.  Atlantic Council of Georgia

7.  Georgian Farmers Association

8.  Institute for Development of Freedom of Information

9.  The Economic Policy Research Center

10. Green Alternative

11. Georgian Center for Security and Development

12.  Media Development Foundation

13. UN Association of Georgia

14.  Society and Banks

15. Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

16. Georgian Democracy Initiative

17. Georgian Institute of Politics

18. Regional Centre for Strategic Studies

19. In Depth Reporting and Advocacy Center

20. Voice from Georgia