TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri says ‘there is no threat of economic recession in the country’ due to the government’s successful efforts. The new aim for the government is the creation of jobs.

The Prime Minister made the statement during a special debate in the parliament Friday regarding the government’s ’10 point plan’, following a request by the Christian Democrats.

Gilauri explained that this plan was created based on the ‘Financial Stimulation’ plan implemented in 2009 by the government, which according to the governmental was the most successful in the whole region.

“Let’s remember the specific numbers: during the world economic crisis there was increase in the minuses in our neighboring countries – minus 15% in Armenia, minus 12% in Ukraine, minus 10% in Russia, minus 8% in Turkey, minus 18% in the Baltic countries, and Georgia was the only country in the region where the economic fall was only 3.5% and which could manage to get out of recession very soon. In 2010 we had an economic growth of plus 6.4% and this year we also expect good economic growth. As you know, we are the only country in the region which increased its economic growth prognosis from 5.5% to 6%,” the Prime Minister said.

Gilauri said that Georgia is not in danger of economic recession anymore, because of the successful implementation of this plan. The government has a new aim now to create jobs. Accordingly, the main goal for the government’s new 10-point plan is to tackle unemployment.