TBILISI, DFWatch – Jondi Baghaturia, representative of the parliament faction Unity for Justice and the leader of the Georgian Group Party accuses the government of creating monopolies in the country and protecting these monopolies. He made this statement at in parliament Friday.

The political debates were held at the request of the Christian Democrats and revolved around the government’s ’10 point plan’.

Baghaturia asked the government how many companies import gas to Georgia, and answered the question himself, that there are two such companies.

“Why doesn’t a third and fourth company try to get involved in such highly profitable business? Because there is elite corruption, monopolized and corrupt clans won’t allow them. The catastrophic increase in prizes is caused by the divided market among these clans. Corrupt and monopolized clans have divided the whole market among themselves. Competition has died. Accordingly, there are catastrophic prices and the gas price is 2.35 lari,” Baghaturia remarked, and added that the government doesn’t do anything against this situation, but on the contrary protects it.