TBILISI, DFWatch – National Security Council Secretary Giga Bokeria claims that there is a confrontation between clans in so-called South Ossetia to become the Kremlin favorite.

He said this to journalists in parliament Friday, commenting current events in Tskhinvali region.

Bokeria said that everybody knows Georgia’s and the international community’s position that any elections can’t be legitimate in Tskhinvali under the current conditions, when there has been ethnic cleansing and people living there have been thrown out of the region by force, and where there is a Russian-occupied regime in full control.

The security secretary further added that it is clear that a confrontation among two clans is developing about gaining Moscow’s support.

Despite this fact, he thinks that it needs more attention.

“This fact displays what type of corruption and chaos there is everywhere the Russian Federation intervenes and what kind of despair there is in the population regarding the current situation,” Bokeria remarks.