TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgian Young Lawyer’s Association discovered many violations during the election October 1.

At a press conference 21:00 GYLA detailed their findings.

The organization has information that near two election precincts special forces are mobilized. Also, during the whole process outside of the election precinct, GYLA’s coordinator found that unknown people were controlling who went in to vote and who not. The strangers claimed to be only counting how many voters came to the precinct, but organization think their activity limited voter’s freedom to express their choice.

GYLA protested the bad marking gadget at a 17:00 briefing and requested to bring new equipment to the election precincts. Their request was not satisfied. As a the result, GYLA found out some cases, when people, who already passed marking process voted again.

The observers had troubles in various regions of Georgia. Some of them were left outside the precinct for more than half an hour.

GYLA calls all bodies, responsible on counting the votes, be fair and implement their duties peacefully.