TBILISI, DFWatch — The crisis at an energy company continued Wednesday as three employees went on hunger strike.

The strike at Telasi, which supplies the capital with electricity, started weeks ago, after the election results became known. Current and former employees went on strike demanding better work conditions and to give 125 fired workers their job back.

The protest first centered on demanding the dismissal of the company’s commercial director, who was appointed three months ago, and to bring back those 125 employees who were fired while he held the job.

Commercial director Zurab Asroshvili resigned, but the strike still went on. Employees then demanded the resignation of the management team working under the former commercial director, and maintained their demand to bring back those blue collar-workers who had been fired.

Last week, the strike seemed to come to an end, as the management of the company agreed to fire six of the management and to start bringing back former employees, but asked for time until November 12 to end the process.

Now some of the employees have gone back on strike, as the process of rehiring former employees has not started. Three of them are on hunger strike and warns that if the process to bring back former workers doesn’t start, others will join the hunger strike.

Company representatives inform that the current director, who promised to start rehiring former employees, currently is not in Georgia, which is the reason for the delay.