Tbilisi City Court heard further witnesses in a trial about the brutal dispersal of demonstrators in Tbilisi on May 26, 2011. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Four more witnesses were heard on Tuesday in a trial about the violent police dispersal on May 26, 2011.

The witnesses were Zaza Papuashvili, Soso Jachvliani and Luka Kurtanidze, who represent the People’s Assembly, and Beka Javakhadze from the Public Defender’s Office.

Javakhadze said he was detained during the rally and was beaten just like the other participants.

Soso Jachvliani from the People’s Assembly said he saw detainee Luka Kurtanidze being beaten by police. He was half-naked, and those beating him were taking pictures to humiliate him.

Kurtanidze didn’t wish to speak about the humiliation. He said he is not complaining against those law enforcement employees, but against those who gave them such orders.

Zaza Papuashvili said two rubber bullets hit him, but no-one beat him that day.

The next hearing in the trial will be held February 3, when more witnesses will be heard.