TBILISI, DFWatch – The Caucasus region experienced two minor earthquakes Monday, the strongest of 5.6 magnitude.

The 5.6 magnitude earthquake occurred at 08:40 in the morning with epicenter in the border region between Azerbaijan and Georgia, 17 kilometers from Zagatala, in north-west of Azerbaijan.

National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan informs that power of earthquake there was 5.5 of magnitude.

Ilia’s State University’s Institute for Earth Sciences in Tbilisi said the epicenter was about 25 kilometers from the Georgia-Azerbaijan border.

According to United States Geological Survey, this morning’s earthquake in Azerbaijan had a magnitude of 4.2.

There were no casualties in Georgia, but in Azerbaijan there were reports of about fifteen persons who received minor injuries. They soon checked out of hospital.

There were no reports about damaged buildings in Tbilisi, but media reported about one damaged building in Signagi in eastern Georgia. There were about 60 damaged buildings in Azerbaijan near the epicenter.

At 18:15 another earthquake could be felt in Georgia. It was of 5.3 magnitude, and in Tbilisi could barely be felt as a slight shaking sensation.