Tbilisi, DF Watch – Georgia marks Christmas on January 7 by Julian calendar by two major picturesque processions in Tbilisi and many other towns of Georgia.

Alilo, a Christmas chant, is organized almost in each district and regions of the country.

Two major Alilo demonstrations, from Roses Square and Isani district, start at 14:00 simultaneously and end up at Trinity church after at least two hours.

Theatrical details will be added to the movement. Participants will go through The Patriarchy on the way, where Ilia II, the Patriarch of Georgian Church, meets them to give some sweets and to bless the participants. Movement will continue in the direction of president’s palace, where president Mikheil Saakashvili traditionally also gives sweets and congratulate parish with Christmas.

Some state officials usually also attend the event.

Gathered sweets and toys will be given to orphanages and shelters for vulnerable.