TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgia’s largest trading partner is Turkey, just like before, according to fresh data of from January 2012.

According to Georgia’s Statistics Department, the turnover with Turkey last year totaled 90 million US dollars.

Azerbaijan and Germany are on the top of the list of trade partners, after Turkey. Turnover with Azerbaijan and Germany totaled 85 and 54 million dollars.

Germany replaced Ukraine in January. Ukraine is on the fourth place; fifth is China, then Bulgaria, Russia, USA, Kazakhstan and Italy.

Foreign turnover with EU countries in January 2012 totaled 193 million dollars, which is a 23% increase, compared to the same period in 2011. 37 million dollars of it is export (20% increase), import accounts for 155 million dollars (24% increase).

The share of these countries in Georgian foreign turnover made up 30%. Import accounted for 24% and export 32%. In January 2011, the corresponding figures were 26%, 21% and 28%, respectively. The trade deficit with EU countries was 35 percent. In January 2011 it was 31%.

Foreign trade turnover with Commonwealth of Independent States countries in January 2012 was 204 million dollars, a 3% increase comparing to January 2011. Out of this trade, 79 million dollars was export (48% increase), and 125 million dollars import (13% reduction).

The size of the trade with Commonwealth of Independent States countries in Georgia’s turnover was 32%, 51% export and 25% import. The corresponding figures in 2011 were 33%, 36% and 32% respectively. The trade deficit with Commonwealth of Independent States was 14% (30% in 2011).

The negative trade balance with the above mentioned countries was 50% less than in January 2012.

The share of total foreign trade turnover with Georgia’s ten largest trade partners in January 2012 was 67%.