TBILISI, DFWatch — The season’s first snowfall has led to restrictions on traffic several places in Georgia. The snow is causing problems in the Kakheti region, in east Georgia.

Local media also report that ice is making it difficult for people to move around in the city, and cars are getting stuck.

There were problems Saturday night in Tbilisi as well. About ten cars called for a tow truck. Five cars were dragged loose from the snow in small villages near Tbilisi, but no serious damage was reported.

No-one was injured, according to the Emergency Service. Salt is being spread on dangerous stretches of road all over Georgia.

There is restrictions on traffic in the Gudauri-Kobi area, which is a resort in Northern Georgia. Small cars are allowed to drive if they have snow chains, but trucks are restricted, as well as buses with more than 30 people.

There is a restriction in the Gombori pass as well. No roads are closed due to snow.

According to local weather forecast, it will continue to snow for a few days. It is still snowing in eastern Georgia, and frost is expected tonight.

Last winter, bad weather caused more serious problems for people in Georgia. Schools were closed, and several mountain passes were blocked.