TBILISI, DFWatch–Three former political prisoners were detained in Batumi on Saturday during a campaign rally for Davit Bakradze, the presidential candidate for the National Movement party.

Jimsher Kurtskhalidze, Jemal Buadze and Merab Gorgadze were taken away from the meeting by police as they attempted to get closer to Bakradze. When police were attempting to take them away, they started shouting at Bakradze.

All three were taken to the police station. Before the incident, the three told journalists that they planned to ask Bakradze questions about ‘UNM’s unfair treatment of people for nine years.’

The City Court in Batumi decided to fine Gorgodze and Kurtskhalidze 100 lari (USD 60) for petty hooliganism. The trial for the third detainee was postponed until Sunday, due to lack of evidence.

None of the detainees admit guilt.

“We came to the rally to ask questions to Davit Bakradze about [whether] he takes responsibility for the unfairness during these nine years, but we weren’t given the opportunity,” Duadze said.