Tbilisi, DFWatch – A Georgian was released from prison by the breakaway region South Ossetia Friday. This was the third Georgian prisoner to be released in the same number of days.

The de facto authorities of the region on Friday released Ushangi Dotiashvili, journalists there report. The 18-year old was detained a few days ago a few hundred meters away from where he lives in a village located close to the de facto border.

His release follows days of negotiations. Dotiashvili told journalists that there was not any kind of harassment or violence while he was in detention.

Two days ago, two more prisoners were handed over to Georgian law enforcment: Amiran Jeiranashvili and Levan Shubitidze, both locals of village Chvrinisi. Both of them were accused of ‘illegally crossing the border.’

Georgia expects the two women Ana Gigolaeva and Ira Khubaeva to be released soon.

Regional Police Department and Analytical Department of Interior Ministry are involved in negotiations with the breakaway authorities.

More than a week ago, Ucha Nanuashvili, Public Defender, said that there are successful negotiations with the region regarding exchanging prisoners.

Negotiations have been held with the non-government organizations, which promised to provide complete information about citizens of Georgia detained in the South Ossetian capital Tskhhinvali.

A few days ago, Nanuashvili visited the women’s prison, officially called Prison No 5, to meet with Diana Jikayev and Tsira Mgeladze, who are of Ossetian origins and had complained to the Ombudsman to get their cases studied individually and brought up in connection with the prisoner exchange with Tskhinvali.