TBILISI, DFWatch – The United States is to send military advisors to Georgia to help the country strengthen its air defense systems.

Obama is sending a group of military engineers to Georgia in September for this purpose.

The bolstering of Georgia’s air defenses comes as a result of six-point plan between the American and Georgian presidents early in 2012, intended help Georgia boost its military capabilities.

Georgian defense minister Dimitry Shashkin says the military experts are coming to study the country’s air defenses. Afterwards, the implementation of the the six-point plan will go into its second stage. Specifically, US experts will write a report about how Georgia’s air defenses should be strenghened, considering current threats.

«This report will define detailed measures, which will be implemented to increase and develop the country’s air defensive opportunities,” Shashkin said.

The minister explains that the US will also help Georgia modernize its helicopters.

“Support to modernize helicopters will help us during participation in ISAF, as well on the stage after ending of ISAF operation. In this regards, the cooperation will be to prepare the doctrine and to train personnel, which will help Georgia’s armed forces to prepare plans and views to modernize and renew its helicopter fleet.”

Another consequence of the agreement is traininging of engineers. The minister the training will be about developing the current components of defensive capabilities, tactics of contra-mobility and studying techniques like creating and preventing tank obstacles.

“On the grounds of the concept which we call total defense, military engineering is most important, as well as air engineering. Increasing Georgia’s military engineering capabilities means we will be able to defend our territories better. This is a global and important issue.”

Shashkin said the defense ministyr had been in consultations with the U.S. about defense cooperation. During a visit to the U.S. he held meetings with senators and representatives of the Republican Party who are in armed forces committee.

The parties focused on the six-point agreement between presidents Obama and Saakashvili. The senators and congressmen expressed their support regarding the implementation of the plan and remarked how important it is to implement the plan, the sake of Georgia and its population’s security and increasing defensive opportunities.