TBILISI, DFWatch – Mamuka Glonti, producer in chief and co-founder Maestro TV, has left his post. He announced this on his Facebook page Saturday.

Glonti told Interpressnews that they have created  a negative attitude towards him, and he is concerned that this may negatively affect  Maestro’s  level of trust. In light of this he believes himself unfit to continue making decisions on behalf of the station.

“I publically announce that I leave the post in Maestro to become just an adviser, because I can’t get rid of the responsibilities in such a difficult situation,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

“Now, when I’m free of being Erosi’s ‘hostage’ I have been browsing Facebook and found out that part of society thinks badly of me, some doubt in me. To my detriment I was at the center of such events and I’m not perceived as a part of the media anymore and I’m sorry about this.” Glonti writes.

He says that up till now he was general producer at Maestro. He thinks that he will harm his colleagues in the television by him being there and even a single person’s opinion is important to him, so he decided to leave.

Mamuka Glonti writes that Maestro now will be headed by Bacho Kikabidze and Eka Akobia, whom he trusts.

“It’s over. Neither Erosi, not Mamuka. Maestro is free,” the statement ends.

Maestro Tuesday aired a live interview of a popular financier who is challenging president Mikheil Saakashvili’s power. The next morning the TV studios were taken over by the owner of a management company and with the help of police most journalists were forced out. Glonti remained inside behind locked doors broadcasting for a day and a half while the studios were under siege, but left Thursday evening, citing fear of bloodshed.

Kitsmarishvili now has control over the building, while Maestro’s journalists are continuing TV broadcasts from another studio until the crisis is over.