Drivers of line 19 are protesting after one of them died following an argument with a passenger. (Photo published by Tbilisi Transport Company.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Drivers of bus line number 19 in Tbilisi on Thursday laid down work as a sign of protest, after one of their colleagues died on the job.

A passenger got into a physical scuffle with a bus driver at noon on the number 19 line in the suburb Ponichala, resulting in the death of the driver.

There was a verbal confrontation between the passenger and driver inside the bus which continued until the very last stop, where they got into a physical scuffle.

According to witnesses, the driver passed out and fell down. When the emergency workers came, he was already dead. The passenger ran away.

The Interior Ministry first launched an investigation based on section 115 of the criminal code about bringing someone to the point of suicide.

But after instantly being criticized for this, the ministry changed the direction of the investigation due to the factual circumstances and is now working on the basis of section 116, negligent homicide.