Ergneti border crossing. (DF Watch.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The breakaway region South Ossetia plans to open a new border crossing to make it easier for relatives to keep contact.

This will be the fourth border crossing between the breakaway area and Georgia proper, and will connect the villages Khelchua and Zardiantkari, the latter on Georgia-controlled territory. The decision was made at a session of de facto cabinet of ministers, Sputnik Ossetia reported on Tuesday.

Two of the existing crossing points are in the Java region and one in Akhalgori. The Ossetian media outlet writes that several Ossetian families are living in the village Zardiantkari, and there was a request from locals in Khelchua to have a crossing point there.

“It is important to consider the family ties of people who live on opposite sides of the border. These are our citizens, and our duty [is] to care for their well-being”, de facto President Leonid Tibilov said.

The Georgian government has not yet been informed about the decision.

Keti Tsikhelashvili, Deputy Minister of Reconciliation and Civic Equality, told journalists that the issue wasn’t discussed during the previous round of the Geneva talks, which are held about twice a year between conflict parties from the 2008 war. She said that the government is still trying to check the information and find out what type of check-point is going to be opened and other details.

Sputnik Ossetia also wrote that the de facto government is considering ‘reorganizing’ the border zone, which will include moving several settlements away from the barbed wire zones in certain sections, but the cabinet of ministers haven’t discussed this issue yet. It is scheduled for the next session.