ditsi 2

New razor wire marks the Russian-imposed border line in Ditsi. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The de facto South Ossetian government has imposed restrictions for Georgian citizens along the demarcation line.

The Interior Ministry on Saturday issued a statement expressing concern about the de facto government’s decision. The Ministry recalls the decision made during a meeting of the Incident Prevention and Reaction Mechanism (IPRM) on October 18, that Georgian citizens who have ended up on the other side of the boundary line will be allowed to vote in the election.

Tskhinvali’s de facto government violated this agreement as locals are entirely prohibited from passing through the so called checkpoints on the de facto border.

Tskhinvali restricted movement on the so-called border on Friday. According to Ossetian media, the South Ossetian Security Committee informed about this decision, explaining that this is related to ‘strengthening security measures in relation with Sunday’s presidential election in Georgia.’

The new restrictions apply to sections of the boundary line where it used to be easier to cross.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs considers this a violation of the right to vote and a violation of basic human rights. It calls on the de facto South Ossetian government to reconsider its decision and let Georgian citizens cross in order to participate in the election.