TBILISI, DFWatch – Tuesday the house of the de facto Prosecutor General of South Ossetia was shelled, as the entire opposition movement is considering to ask for political asylum in Russia.

Ria Novosti reported the shelling. There are no reports of injuries. Both South Ossetian authorities and opposition leader Alla Dzhioyeva denies responsibility and appeal for a continuation of negotiations about how to proceed in a peaceful way in the delicate situation that has developed after the election result was annulled one week ago.

Dzhioyeva’s appeal to the so-called Supreme Court was dismissed Tuesday, Russian media report. She had asked the court to reconsider its decision to cancel the results of the presidential elections.

After the Supreme Court’s decision was announced, Dzhioyeva asked to convene an emergency meeting of the state council to discuss the possibility to ask Russia for political asylum.

Dzhioyeva came to the Supreme Court to withdraw her initial complaint about the court’s decision to cancel the election results and make a new, but she was not allowed to enter the building. Ria Novosti reports that the court is now reviewing her original appeal.

On Tuesday, the so-called Supreme Court of South Ossetia annulled the results of the so-called presidential results. The date of the next early elections was scheduled for March 25, 2012.

The first round in the election was extremely close with just a fraction of a per cent separating Alla Dzhioyeva, former minister of education and Anatoly Bibilov, head of emergency situation ministry in South Ossetia. Bibilov was considered as a clear Kremlin favorite. In the second round, Dzhioyeva clearly beat Bibilov.

After the Supreme Court’s decision Dzhioyeva supporters gathered on the main square in Tskhinvali in front of the so-called governmental building, demanding to annul the decision and transfer government power to Dzhioyeva. Tuesday supporters are still holding out on the square.

Russian media report that Dzhioyeva supporters are planning to gather around seventeen thousand people for her inauguration ceremony on December 10.

Dzhioyeva says that immediately after the inauguration her headquarters will start forming a new government. “We will appeal to the young republic; we will consider their resumes to form a mobile team that can change our lives for the better,” Russian media quotes her saying.

This morning it was reported that the apartment of the so-called Attorney General of South Ossetia, Taimuraz Khugaev, was shelled in Tskhinvali. The de-facto president of the region, Eduard Kokoity, called it a well-planned provocation.

Dzhioyeva also considers it a provocation, and denied that her supporters are involved in this, as they all have been at the peaceful rally on the main square.

“The incident may be a provocation by the current authorities and security forces to undermine the situation in the republic,” she says.

South Ossetian authorities have arrested two Dzhioyeva supporters for illegal possession of automatic weapons, grenades and large quantities of ammunition.

Manana Manjgaladze, the press spokesperson for Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, said that Georgia hopes that the situation will not get out of control.

“But if there are problems for Georgian citizens living there or there are some kind of harassment of them, the sole responsibility will rest on the Russian occupation forces and Putin’s regime,” she said at a press briefing Tuesday.