TBILISI, DFWatch — President Mikheil Saakashvili says he is concerned by the latest events in the country and asks for respect for the rule of law and the state’s interests.

The Georgian leader’s appeal comes the same day as his opponents who are in government detained a former interior minister, the head of the general headquarters and the commander of the fourth battalion.

Saakashvili’s appeal is posted on his official Facebook page. In it, he says that the arrests is an unacceptable action and an encroachment on state institutions, the country’s armed forces and the free media.

The president says the country is more in need of the rule of law now than ever. He says that the arrest of officials in the armed forces is not compatible with respect for officers and the armed forces.

“In the election period we heard accusations that Georgia started the war in August 2008. Unfortunately we heard it after the war. This morning we got the situation when one of the heroes of this war was arrested with other persons, which is not compatible with respect for officers, the armed forces, neither the role of the armed forces in our society,” the president said.

All are equal under the law, he says, noting that there are frames within the law that should be defended.

Mikheil Saakashvili, like his party members, says these recent events may have negative repercussions for Georgia’s NATO integration.

“We had a real chance after the election to achieve success in regards to NATO integration. Current events do not help us in this way.”

The president considers that now it is time to rise above vengeance and be able to carry on a conversation, even if the parties do not agree with each other.

“People await promises to be implemented,” he said, adding that many social promises were given including free health care, free education, percent rates on credits and reduced public fees.

The president drew attention to the recent peaceful transfer of power after the parliamentary election of October 1.

“I as a guarantee of the constitution, as president of Georgia, am a participant in this process. My desire will remain to retain Georgia’s future development within a civilized dialog.”