Russian soldiers have restarted work along the de facto border around South Ossetia in the village Ditsi.

Locals say three houses are in danger of ending up on the other side, inside Russian-controlled territory.

A few months ago, Russian soldiers moved the de facto border 300 meters into Georgian-controlled territory and started installing wire fences. Work was stopped for more than a month, but began again on Tuesday.

According to a reporter for Interpressnews, Russian soldiers showed the map from 1922 to the locals, claiming that the territory which they are marking now belonged to South Ossetia back then.

But the locals do not want to allow their houses end up being on the other side of the demarcation line.

Zakaria Vatikadze, trustee of the village Ditsi, says Russian soldiers told Ilia Beruashvili, one of the locals, that if he resisted the process, they would detain him and his supporters and take them to Tskhinvali, the administrative center in South Ossetia.

Five locals from Ditsi attempted to speak with the Russians and prevent them from fencing in the cemetery, which led to a confrontation.

Ilia Beruashvili remembers that Robert Gazayev, representative of South Ossetia in the EU’s Incidents and Prevention Reaction Mechanism, insulted him and they got into a scuffle.

Journalists report that Robert Gazayev was aggressive towards Georgian media demanding that they leave ‘Ossetian territory’ and move to Georgian-controlled territory; otherwise they would detain journalists.

Representatives of the Interior Ministry’s analysis department will arrive in Ditsi today