TBILISI, DFWatch–An independent expert claims that a video which was released a few days ago regarding Buta Robakidze’s murder, is edited.

Marika Toklikishvili, who is an expert on audio and video footage, said at a press conference Thursday that even at first look, it is easy to conclude that the footage is edited. There are a few important errors indicating that the clip is not continuous.

The first error may be observed in the moment when there is heard a gunshot, the expert explains.

“The gun is pointing into the air, and it is impossible that a bullet shot on such a trajectory could hit someone,” she said, adding that in this moment, audio and video do not correspond.

Another error can be observed in the eleventh second, where the footage is cut and the scene is changed. The expert thinks that background noise is added on purpose.

Marika Toklikishvili also says the policemen are acting ‘inadequate’ in psychological regard.

“It is obvious that their reactions do not make sense of a person who is in affect,” the video expert says.

She explains that the policemen do not act adequately to having just a moment ago shot someone, and their expressions indicate that ‘they are working for the camera.’

Two days ago, a policeman involved in the shooting of Buta Robakidze gave a video to the TV station Rustavi 2 and the Prosecutor’s Office, without specifying where he obtained it.

19 year-old Robakidze was shot during a police operation on November 24, 2004, when police stopped the car he and four others were driving in. The others survived and were charged with illegally carrying a weapon and ammunition. They claim police planted the weapon in the car after they discovered that Robakidze had been shot.

The Interior Minister today told journalists that the examination of the footage will continue to ascertain its authenticity.