TBILISI, DFWatch–The Georgian ombudsman has raised the alarm about bad conditions at Geguti Prison in western Georgia.

According to a new report, the safety regulations in place are not sufficient to prevent violence between the prisoners, and there is no program to help avert inmates from committing suicide.

The Ombudsman’s Office on Monday said there is a long waiting line to see the doctor art the prison. Some patients are not offered proper treatment, and in the observation room staff are working without sanitary standards.

Prisoners who are serving shorter sentences are not allowed physical contact with their family, and some prisoners who have been moved to Geguti from prisons in the east of the country are unable to make proper use of their right to have visitors because of the long travel distance.

Another problem pointed out in the report is that not all prisoners have four square meters of area, and that the ventilation system is damaged.

There are also bad conditions in the prison yard and inmates have no access to sports grounds. There is also an insufficient supply of goods in the prison shop.