TBILISI, DFWatch – Winner of the South Ossetian de facto presidential elections Alla Dzhioyeva has appealed to the region’s supreme court with a request to have yesterday’s decision to annul the election overturned.

South Ossetian news agency RES reports that Dzhioyeva’s appeal was delivered to the de facto supreme court chairman Acamaz Bichenov. Her appeal will be considered tomorrow.

Alla Dzhioyeva demands that the de facto supreme courts changes its decision made yesterday which annulled the results of the second round of the so called presidential elections. The court made this decision after reviewing the appeal of supposed Kremlin favorite Anatoly Bibilov’s Edinstvo party. Bibilov appears to have lost to Dzhioyeva by a clear margin.

In front of South Ossetia’s de facto governmental building, where the Central Election Commission is also located, Dzhioyeva supporters have been gathered Wednesday, vowing not to leave, despite security firing warning shots. There are reports of a tense situation in Tskhinvali. According to Tskhinvali media, South Ossetian police have twice fired warning shots and this way prevented Dzhioyeva’s supporters from breaking into the government building.

Dzhioyeva herself was let into the building, and a meeting was held. The meeting began a little before 2 pm local time. Part of the demonstrators will stay at the central square for the whole night. They demand that current leader Eduard Kokoity resigns and transfers government power to Jiova as the rightful winner of Sunday’s election.