Emergency aid given after the 2008 war has been rotting away in several storehouses around Georgia. (Info9.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Local government and Refugee Ministry representatives have discovered another locked warehouse full of undistributed equipment and supplies intended for people affected by the 2008 Russia-Georgia war.

This is the second such discovery. In late 2012, the Refugee Ministry discovered a warehouse full of food, household items and equipment for refugees that had not been distributed.

The stocks of emergency supplies discovered on Tuesday were locked into the Culture House in Gori, a town close to the conflict zone.

Deputy Refugee Minister Mamuka Tsotniashvili told local journalists that the equipment kept in the Gori Culture House should have been distributed to the population affected by the war in 2008.


Among the goods are TV sets, gas stoves, freezers and furniture. (Info9.)

According to his information, the ministry transported the equipment to Gori in 2011, but the population didn’t receive it.

“We have information that there are the same type of warehouses in other regions of Georgia, but you will learn about this soon,” he said, adding that a complaint has been filed with law enforcement bodies and an investigation has been launched.

In the Gori warehouse there were discovered freezers, TV sets, gas stoves, furniture, among other things. Due to bad conditions in the warehouse, a large part of the items are destroyed.