TBILISI, DFWatch – A famous Georgian lawyer is in his sixth day of hunger strike, protesting against the lack of independence of the country’s courts.

Zurab Rostiashvili started his hunger strike November 27 because he thinks that in every single case he has worked on, the court has found an innocent person guilty.

Due to official data from the National Statistics Service, the courts have aquitted in less than 1% of trials.

Zaza Khatiashvili, chairman of the Georgian Lawyer’s Association says the association supports Zurab Rostiashvili’s position about the courts lacking independence and calls for the diplomatic corps to speak out against this injustice.

“A month ago, chairman of the Georgian Supreme Court proudly informed about the next results of the survey about Georgian citizens and stated that the trust in the courts has increased in the eyes of the population. This was just another lie to society. I have repeatedly stated that the courts with its unjust judgments have been the main stronghold for the Saakashvili regime,” Zaza khitarishvili says.