TBILISI, DFWatch — Bidzina Ivanishvivli, leader of the Georgian Dream coalition and future Prime Minister, says he will leave politics in a year and a half but continue to lead his coalition after that as a member of civil society.

The coalition leader on Wednesday met with the parliamentary minority and answered question about the new government’s goals and plans.

Giorgi Karbelashvili, a member of parliament for the National Movement party, asked Ivanishvili if he plans to leave politics in two years and reminded him about the many statements he has made during the latest year to that extent.

“Not in two years but earlier, I might leave politics in a year and a half,” Ivanishvili answered.

Recalling that in an earlier statement he spoke about being 2 or 3 years in politics, he added: “I have already been in politics a year, I mean in the opposition.”

He says he plans to leave politics, but doesn’t plan to leave the country.

“I do not abandon responsibility for promises I have given, and I plan to remain as one of the active members of civil society,” he said.

He added that after that he plans to control the government together with members of civil society.

Ivanishvili said one of the biggest problems in the country is that civil society doesn’t have enough political experience about how to select and control a government.

“We shouldn’t be constantly be looking for the best president or prime minister. We should acknowledge that this country belongs to us, society. We should study how to choose and then control it,” he said, adding that the rest of his active life he will be with civil society and work towards a European style country and society.