The hole in Melikishvili Street. (DF Watch.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Large holes appeared on two of Tbilisi’s main streets Sunday, sparking fear that the heavy rain and flood may have destabilized the soil under the city.

The holes were first spotted Sunday evening on Melikishvili Street, which lies on a hill above Heroes’ Square, which was covered by floodwater hours earlier.

Tbilisi is a hilly city and the river Vere runs through a valley between the hills.

Locals believe the floodwater may have washed away the soil, and that this caused the road to collapse.

Another hole appeared on Chavchavadze Avenue, which lies on another hill above the disaster valley, a bit closer to Vere than Melikishvili.

Local city authorities have examined the holes.

No-one was injured when the holes appeared. City Hall has blocked off both roads and is working to repair the damage, but it is not clear when the roads will be reopened.