ndiNDITBILISI, DFWatch–A new poll shows that the ruling coalition has lost almost half of its support since last year, while the National Movement has slightly increased its support. For other parties there is no significant change.

If there were held a parliamentary election tomorrow, 24 percent would vote for the ruling Georgian Dream coalition, while 16 percent would vote for the former ruling party, the National Movement,

According to the new poll, published by National Democratic Institute, 5 percent would vote for the Free Democrats, a party which broke ranks with the coalition in November after its party leader Irakli Alasania was fired; 4 percent would vote for the Alliance of Patriots, while 3 percent would vote for the Labor Party, 3 percent would vote for the other parties.

27 percent say they don’t know, 16 percent didn’t answer, 6 percent wouldn’t vote for any party at all.

56 percent would go and vote if there were a parliamentary election tomorrow, while 44 percent wouldn’t participate in the election. In a similar poll carried out in April, 2014, 60 percent said they would go and vote, 40 would not.

If a local election were to be held now, 48 percent would vote for the Georgian Dream coalition, 12 percent for the National Movement, and 10 percent would vote for other parties.

19 percent answered don’t know, 8 percent didn’t answer, 3 percent would not vote for any party.

4,360 interviewees were questioned between March 27 – April 19.